Pb28A gear rotary distribution arm concrete machinery

Production Information: Concrete Placing BoomConcrete placing boom used to delivery and place the concrete, which is connected with concrete pump. As a auxiliary equipment for concrete pump, it can delivery the concrete quickly and accurately through the connected pipes like a mechanical hand. It also expands the concrete p

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Production Information: 

Concrete Placing Boom

Concrete placing boom used to delivery and place the concrete, which is connected with concrete pump. As a auxiliary equipment for concrete pump, it can delivery the concrete quickly and accurately through the connected pipes like a mechanical hand. It also expands the concrete pumping area, and settles the problem of wall pouring effectively, and solves the problem of concrete conveying preferably.

1. It reduce much more labor intensity, improve work and economic efficiency. Compared with traditional manual concrete pouring, the placing boom can reduce labor intensity, greatly accelerate the pouring speed, shorten the construction period, and improve the economic benefit because of the large working range, flexible and convenient operation.

2. Improve the construction quality of concrete. In the process of large area concrete placement, the concrete must be transported through the hopper, so the concrete is easy to lose water and thus affect its quality,and the operation rapidity of placing boom can ensure the concrete quality . Due to the frequently shipment, manual pouring concrete, the labor intensity is too high. After the intensive labor, the worker may not pour concrete strictly according to the construction process requirements, which may lead to man-made construction cold joints. The operation flexibility of placing boom can pour the second layer concrete continually before the last layer concrete become concretionary, which can achieve a molding as far as possible and avoid the construction of cold joints.

3. The placing boom does not contact with the template. So the placing boom makes no vibration to the template, and thus avoids damage to the structure.

4. The placing boom can pour concrete hierarchically and piecewise, so that the template can be uniformly stressed, and the damaged mode is reduced, which is favorable for ensuring the proper size of the structure.

5. After using the placing boom, there is no need to connect and remove the pipes, which reduces the platform operators, neither needs other concrete machines, which also reduces damage of stiffened plate.

Production Show: 

Pb28A Gear Slewing Placing Boom Concrete Machinery

PB28A-3R-II Product

1. It has three arms design, "R" folding. The machine is driven by hydraulic and slewing flexibly, with wide working range. Arms adopt high strength steel plate which is stronger and lighter.

2. Two modes of operation: wireless remote control and cable remote control, easy to operate.

3. Inner-climbing frames: floor frames or wall (lift or shaft) frames, which are suitable for different jobsites.

4. The main electronic components of this Concrete Placing Boom are products of the world-famous brand, with high-quality.

Parameters Of PB28A-3R-II: 

Radius of placing boom (m)27.7
Stationary height (to the join between the end of the boom and Swivel table) (m)21.3
Slewing range (°)360
Power of motor (KW)11
Pressure of hydraulic system (MPa)28
Type of hydraulic oilHM46
Three hydraulic foldable arms (m)1st section10.5
2nd section9.2
3rd section8
Boom articulation (°)1st section0~86
2nd section0~180
3rd section0~180
Interval of climbing frame (m)Climbing3
Placing concrete/resting6
Delivery pipe dimension (mm) Ф133 х 4.5
Delivery hose dimension (inside diameter×length) (mm)5″×3000
Mode of operationCable Remote Control
Radio Remote Control
Wind speed (m/s)Placing concrete≤13.8m/s
Working temperature (°C)-20 ~ 48ºC

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Pb28A Gear Slewing Placing Boom Concrete Machinery

Pb28A Gear Slewing Placing Boom Concrete Machinery

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Pb28A Gear Slewing Placing Boom Concrete Machinery


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