Easier to Operate Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

easier operation design diesel concrete pump mixer 40m3/hr pumping capacity  Saintyol DAWIN Machinery Electric and Diesel Power Mixing Pump Pleased the End Users in Philippines, France and Nigeria etc..Concrete Mixing Pu

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easier operation design diesel concrete pump mixer 40m3/hr pumping capacity  Saintyol DAWIN Machinery Electric and Diesel Power Mixing Pump Pleased the End Users in Philippines, France and Nigeria etc..

Concrete Mixing Pump DJBT40-11-56 LOVOL diesel power engine and the JBT30-10-45 electric power has been shipped to France and Nigeria from China and got nice positive feedback.

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery concrete mixing pump or say concrete mixer with pump, concrete pump with mixer are made from high grade iron with perfect welding and assembling process in pumping and mixing multi-application capability for different construction jobs.

The advantages of the concrete mixing pump are as below:

A. Theoretical mixing capability in 15-20m3/hr.

B. Pumping capability in 30m3/hr or 40m3/hr/

C. Pumping system could be used separately for jobs.

D. 4 hydraulic control supporting legs, no need the crane to help the standing and moving on job sites, money and labors savable.

E.2 man control the whole machine, costs and labors saving.

F.Nice pumping performance, vertical pumping would be upto 160m and horizontal pumping would be upto 560m in theoretical.

G.Bigger aggregates allowed, the DJBT40 concrete mixing pump mixer and pumping system allowed the max 40mm-50mm aggregates rubble and pebble stones for concrete mixing.

H.The new design concrete mixing pump from Saintyol DAWIN Macinery is the right design which could be right fitted into the containers, easier in shipping by sea.

I.This kind of concrete mixing pump is an very easier maintenance concrete equipment, English manual for daily maintenance guidance available with shipping or by emails.

Saintyol DAWIN Concrete Machinery---- CONSTRUCTION FOR PROSPERITY!

 Concrete mixer pump for sale is a multiple functional pump, which is used to mix and convey the concrete mixture by using pressure along the pipeline continuously and it is widely applied in building construction, slope protection project, ground beam project, seawall construction, bridge construction and tunnel construction. And this kind of concrete mixer and pump can achieve the perfect combination between concrete mixing and conveying. It has characteristics of small power, small foot print, easy movement and low costand it is more suitable for spraying of floor heating, shotcrete engineering and refractory. Compared to large and medium concrete pump, trailer concrete pump, concrete boom pump and truck mounted concrete pump, it is more convenient and is much more suitable for five to 10 floors housing buildings of countryside and urban as well as new rural construction. And the actual vertical pumping height is 80 to 100 meters, horizontal pumping height is 150 to 300 meters. And we Saintyol DAWIN machinery have been worked in concrete mixer with pump for years, and our main products are electric type and diesel type concrete mixers and pumps. This page aims to introduce these two hot types for you and hope you will have a big harvest and can choose the most proper mixer pump for your construction.
Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity
According to the actual requirements of most of the domestic rural areas, rural-urban junction and medium and small cities and towns, our company specially studied and developed a new type of equipment-concrete mixing and transporting pump. The concrete mixing and transporting pump is a kind of new type construction equipment which combines the concrete mixing machine and concrete transporting machine.
This machine adopts AC motor as a driving power source, open oil circuit for hydraulic system, constant-power control, and stepless adjustment function for concrete conveying capacity. Its pumping system is shown in Fig.5.
The pumping system mainly consists of #1 pumping cylinders, #3 water tank, #4 reversing device, #5 & #6 concrete cylinders, #7 & #8 concrete cylinder pistons, #9 hopper, #10 distribution valve (also called as S pipe), #11 rocker arm, #12 & #13 swing cylinders,etc.
1.Pumping cylinder
2. Pumping cylinder
3. Water tank
4. Reversing device
5. Concrete cylinder
6. Concrete cylinder
7. Concrete piston
8. Concrete piston
9. Hopper
10. S pipe valve
11. Rocker arm
12. Swing cylinder
13. Swing cylinder
14. Discharge hole
Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

The concrete cylinder pistons (7 or 8) are separately connected to the piston rods of pumping cylinder (1 or 2), while #1 & #2 cylinders connected in series are in reciprocal motion due to functions of pumping cylinder hydraulic oil. One cylinder moves forward, while the other cylinder backs up. The outlet of concrete cylinder is through to the hopper. One end of #10 distribution valve is through to #14 discharge hole of #9 hopper; its other end is through to #5 or #6 concrete cylinder. The spline shaft on #10 distribution valve is connected to the rocker arm, #10 distribution valve can swing to left or right due to the functions of #12 or #13 swing cylinder, and it's alternately connected to concrete cylinder (5 or 6).
While pumping the concrete materials, #7 concrete piston moves forward to push the concrete in #5 concrete cylinder into #10 distribution and #15 discharge hole under the actions of pumping cylinder (At this time, #10 distribution valve is through to #5 concrete cylinder), while #8 concrete piston moves back to suck the concrete materials in #9 hopper into #6 cylinder. When #8 concrete piston backs up to the end of its stroke, #4 hydraulic control check valve on pumping cylinder is opened (refer to the hydraulic schematic diagram), and the control oil flows from hydraulic control check valve to two-position four-way valve so as to reverse this valve. The swing cylinders (12 or 13) make #10 distribution valve connected to #6 concrete cylinder, and #5 concrete cylinder connected to the hopper. At this time, the high-pressure oil of system flows through the swing cylinder to reverse the two-position four-way cylinder (refer to the hydraulic schematic diagram), so #7 piston backs up and sucks the concrete out of hopper, and #8 piston moves forward to push the concrete in the concrete cylinder into S pipe and conveying pipe. Such cycle can realize its continual pumping operation (see Fig.6).
During anti-pumping operation, operate through "Anti-pumping" button to make the concrete cylinder in suction stroke connected to the distribution valve, and the concrete cylinder in pushing stroke connected to the hopper, thus the concrete in the pipes can be drawn back to #5 concrete cylinder, and the concrete in #6 cylinder can be pressed back to #9 hopper (see Fig.7).

Economic benefit of concrete mixer pump
 1. One product has two functions: combine the concrete mixing and pumping to reduce the purchasing cost.
2. Mix at the site and pump continuously, so that the service efficiency can achieve 4-6 times pumping of traditional fixed mixing machine and concrete transporting pump, so that the construction efficiency is greatly improved and the construction progress is greatly speeded up.
3. In the progress of mixing and pumping, the two progresses can be accomplished by just one operator. Its simple operation and high degree of mechanization can greatly save the manual work.
4. The total power of trailer concrete mixer pump is much lower than the total power of the traditional agitator + concrete pump and can be very suitable for rural construction.
5. The trailer concrete mixer pump can be removed conveniently and flexibly. With the powerful maneuvering characters, it can be very suitable for the alternating operation in many construction sites.
6. The concrete mixer pump can be suitable for tenancy and investment as well. It has lower investment cost, more popularity and shorter period of cost recovery. There are users of mixing drag pump produced by
DAWIN Machinery in most of the domestic cities. The products are well received and trustworthy.
Features of concrete mixer pump: it adopts advanced S reversing valve for concrete transporting; its glasses plate and cutting loop adopt high stereoplasm alloy materials for longer service life; its exit pressure is high, so that it can realize the transporting of high-rise buildings and long distance; its hydraulic cooling adopts effective water cooling for convenience of use; it has the function of reversing pumping and can highly reduce the pipe plugging; it is equipped with automatic centralization lubrication system to guarantee the service life of rotation; its electric control cabinet is equipped with cable remote control handle for ease of operation.

Electric model specifications are below :

Max. theoretic concrete mix volume

Max. theoretic concrete delivery volume
Concrete delivery pressure
Diameter of delivery cylinder

Output opening diameter

Hopper capacity

Discharging height

Mixing drum

Hydraulic oil tank volume
Allowed pumping maximum aggregate size
(standard concrete)
Pebble 30mm
rubble 25mm

Type of Hydraulic oil circuit
mmOpen circuit
Type of distribution valve S
S tube valve

Pumping power

Mixing power

Lifting power
Dimensions (L × W × H)mm4900*2091*2800

Pumping system

Theoretic output
Theoretic outlet pressure
Theoretic delivery height
Theoretic delivery distance
Pumping frequency
Distribution valve
S pipe valve
Concrete cylinder spec.
(inner dia. x stroke)
Oil cylinder spec.
(outer dia. x inner dia. x stroke)
Outlet diameter
Delivery pipe inner diameter
Hopper volume
Rated voltage
Main motor power
Hydraulic circuit type
Main system max. oil pressure
Distributing system pressure
Mixing system oil pressure
Max. Mixing speed
Oil tank volume
Max. aggregate diameter
Concrete slump scope
Outer dimension

Mixing system

Mixing volume per time
Mixing volume per hour
Mixing motor power
Lifting motor power
Water pump power
Vibrating motor power
SAINTYOL  DAWIN Mixing pump mixer with Strong and quality welding steel and the better hydraulic stystem and operation user experiences 

Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity
Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

Machinery is a company specializing in the research, design and production of construction machinery for nearly 20 years. We provide the most reasonable solution according to the special demand from different customers. Our main products for construction machinery are as follows: Concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, diesel concrete mixer, concrete pump, sand so on. With several researching and producing bases in China, we can provide the powerful technical service and upper quality machinery for the clients all over the world. 
Diesel Model :

Concrete pump
and mixer
Max. theoretic concrete delivery volumem³/h40
Max. theoretic delivery pressureMPa11
Max. delivery frequencytimes/min26
Type of distribution valve S tube valve
Main oil cylinder specification: cylinder dia./role dia.× strokeMmΦ100×700
Diameter of delivery cylinder MmΦ180×700
Hopper capacityL600
Discharging height Mm1070
Output opening diameterMm150
Pipeline inside diameter Mm125
Mixing drum L450L
Power systemRated power of pumping  diesel engineKW56 (LOVOL 1004-4)
Hydralic systemType of Hydraulic oil circuit Open circuit
Maximum oil pressure of main systemMPa28
Max. mixing speedr/min42
Hydraulic oil tank volumeL420
Other parametersHigh and low pressure switch Equipped
Procedure-control electric lubricating system Equipped
Concrete slump rangemm80~200
Allowed pumping maximum aggregate size
(standard concrete)
 Pebble 50mm
rubble 40mm
Dimensions (L × W × H)mm5000×2000×3600mm
Max. delivery distance
 Towing speedKm/h8

We take care of your order! 

1. Best manufacturer in North China. 

2. A factory with over 20 years' experience. 

3. Professional teamwork of every process. 

4. Competitive price and perfect quality. 

5. Efficient after-sale service. 

SAINTYOL DAWIN Machinery Answers: 

Q: How many kinds of trailer concrete pumps with mixers you have? 
A: We have 3 models of concrete pumps with mixer , i.e. JBT30-8-37, JBT30-10-45 and DJBT35 completely diesel power model.

Q: Do you have concrete placing booms that could be working together with concrete mixer pump? 
A: Yes, We have below series. 
1: 13/15/17m Manual Mechanical Spider Concrete Placing Booms
2: 13/15/17Mobile Hydraulic Spider Concrete Placing Booms
3: 28/32m Floor Climbing Type and Elevator Well Shaft Climbing Concrete Placing Booms (Tubular Column)
4: 21/24/28/32 Elevator Well Shaft Climbing Concrete Placing Booms (Mast Section)

Q: What is the configuration? 
A: For exporting, most of the components are world famous top brands such as LOVOL, DEUTZ, Siemens, Rexroth, Kawasaki, Schneider, Omron, LG, Eaton, Manuli, Parker etc. The configuration could be customized according to client's requirements. 

Q: Is engineer available for training and after sales service? 
A: Yes, our oversea engineers team are standing by for oversea service. Some engineers could speak English. 

After-sale Service
1. May enjoy the life-long service after you buy our products. 
2. Training the operator for free. 
3. Under the condition that foundation, water source, power source, aggregate, hosting
Equipment, auxiliary staff is ready. Engineers are available if you need. 
4. Certain quantity stochastic tool will be provided while delivering goods. 
5. Within 48 hours service will be available according to different regions after received
The telephone. 
6. For exported products, Our company sends the constructor to help to operate and
Management equipment, time according to your needs. The related fee will be undertaken
By buyers. 
7. Promptly provides the fittings according to users' demands, handles for the user consigns
For shipment. 
8. All products (easy worn parts not included) loss caused by non-human factors will be
Free of charge for half a year. 
9. Provides the technology advisory service as necessary. 
10. Please contact me via telephone when you have any problems with the plant. 

Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

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Easier Operation Design Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer 40m3/Hr Pumping Capacity

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